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Content reviewed and updated: 08/16/21

Real Reviews from Ahead Patients

At Ahead we strive to provide accessible, quality care in a judgement-free space. We’ve heard from thousands of our patients about their experience and we’re proud that we’ve been able to meet and exceed their expectations. We’re changing the way people feel about their mental healthcare, and when our patients share feedback, we listen. Hear what they have to say in these real reviews from Ahead patients.


Too often patients go without care because the process of finding a provider, receiving a diagnosis, and creating the right treatment plans can be expensive and time consuming. Ahead has created a process that helps to connect more patients with convenient care. 

“The healthcare provider was easily accessible, the website is user friendly and they are very responsive!”


“I’d been trying to get an appointment with a doctor for months, and I wasn’t able to. Then a friend told me about Ahead, and the rest is history.”


“The entire experience was easy. The time spent through each step clearly focused on the patient.” 


“Easy to use all-in-one platform for any scheduling/checking medications/messaging. Responses are proactive and within 24hrs! Ahead hasn’t wasted a minute of my time, absolutely fuss free! Highly recommend.” 


Finding quality healthcare providers can feel daunting and patients often have to depend on search engines and cold calling offices. Ahead takes the guesswork out of finding a provider with our team of quality psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, therapists and primary care providers. 

“First time I’ve been on the correct medications and able to feel normal.”


“A wonderful experience from start to finish…the health care provider I met with was so genuine. He took more than the allotted time to chat with me, was so kind and caring.”


“I appreciate how these doctors are experts in ADHD, as I’ve always struggled with finding doctors that truly understand.”


“Great doctors who care about you.”


Every patient deserves to receive care without stigma or shame, which is why Ahead does our best to cultivate a judgement-free environment for all of our patients. Whatever’s on your mind, take it here.

“For the first time in my life I felt like someone was actually listening to me.”


“My doctor was amazing and very understanding. She was patient and empathetic. I’ve never had concern like this from a doctor before and she was very warm and welcoming!”


“I didn’t feel judged.”


“My doctor truly listened to me. We chatted for over an hour over every concern I had. I didn’t feel dismissed. And as a woman navigating the mental health system that’s such a rare and valuable thing.”

If you’ve been struggling and need support, don’t hesitate to get started with Ahead today. Our providers are eager to help you start on your clearer path to a calmer mind.

Mental healthcare designed for you

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